Our Mission

The mission of Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers is to represent North Coast fisherman’s historic and ongoing right to sport fish along the Northern California coast; advocate reasonable and rational sport fishing seasons and regulations; educate our members and the general public about the economic and cultural contributions of sport fishing to our local economies; and promote sustainable stewardship of the resource.

Meet your HASA Board Members

Scott McBain – Director

Scott is an active Director of the HASA Board, and is an avid angler when work doesn’t get in the way. Scott is a river engineer and owns a small consulting company that specializes on river restoration in the western US. His particular interest is better management of water, sediment, and wood on rivers downstream of dams to improve river health and associated fish populations. He moved to Humboldt County in 1985, and has more or less been a north coast angler since that time. He originally started ocean fishing in Crescent City as a teenager, and has always enjoyed being offshore, particularly chasing after albacore. He especially enjoys fishing with the Eureka fleet because of the camaraderie and sharing attitude of anglers here. His enjoys being a part of HASA for this camaraderie, and the HASA mission of supporting long-term sustainable fisheries for future generations of saltwater anglers.

Larry De Ridder – President of the Board of Directors

I‘ve fished since I was a kid, starting on my grandfather’s farm pond. After high school my original intent was to major in Forestry, financed by a military scholarship. That was partially nixed when the Navy informed me they just didn’t have all that many redwood trees. I switched my studies to Marine Biology and graduated from UC Berkeley in 1981. While serving as a Navy officer I travelled the oceans from as far north as Powell River, BC and Siberia’s Kamchatka Peninsula to as far south and west as Perth, Australia. I was unsuccessful at convincing the Captain that LST stood for “Large Slow Tuna Troller”; he insisted it was “Landing Ship, Tanks”. Upon completion of my military obligations I discovered that essentially every agency with interests in fisheries was in a hiring freeze due to budget constraints. Eventually I landed a position with a financial services company and moved to Eureka. Two years later I was hired by Coast Central Credit Union, where I’ve been ever since. My fishing partner is my wife of 23 years, Carol. On summer Saturday’s we’re usually offshore in Draggin’ Bait, so named because that’s mostly what we’re doing. Being on the Board of HASA has been a fascinating insight into fisheries management issues and a great way to meet other local fishermen.

Cliff Hart – director, fundraising dinner chair, 2013-14 president

I grew up on the north coast fishing only lakes and the lagoons until my dad and I discovered the unbelievable saltwater fishing that we have here. I can still remember my first trip to the Cape and offshore for albacore around 20 years ago and haven’t missed an ocean season ever since. I have a developed a lot of friendships offshore and we all share the same passion and thrill of searching offshore. I’m on the Board because I believe in the power of HASA advocating for our sportfishing interests and have seen it work first hand. I’m married to Leslie and have two children named Ella and Ollie. I’m employed as an investigator, and also have interests in sports and the outdoors. Tight lines!

Dirk Pedersen – Treasurer

I learned to cast at a young age and have been an avid fisherman ever since. My fishing adventure started in the Bay Area and expanded across California. Fate then brought me to Missouri, and then NJ, before returning to the Bay Area during high school. I moved to Humboldt in the mid-80s to study fisheries at HSU. Since graduating from HSU over 20 years ago, I have been working as a fish biologist/aquatic ecologist in the private sector. Trinidad was my home port for 15+ years, and Eureka has been my home port for the past 10 years. I’m happily married and have a 10 year-old son. Boat: 22’ Boulton “Teleost”

Ross Taylor – Secretary

Fishing has been a passion of mine since about age 5. I grew up on the east coast fishing mainly for bluegills, yellow perch, bass and carp in freshwater and in Cape Cod I fished for bluefish and flounder. I moved to Arcata in 1982 to attend HSU and received my BS in Fisheries in 1986. During the 1980s I guided for four summers in Alaska; three summers of saltwater guiding out of Elfin Cove and one summer of guiding fly fishermen on the Goodnews River. I returned to HSU for graduate studies and completed a MS in Fisheries in 1997. Since that time I have worked as a consulting biologist, with an emphasis on fish passage assessment and barrier removal. I am also the lead fisheries scientist for the State Water Board in the Mono Lake basin, overseeing the stream recovery program as related to amending LA Water and Power’s water rights licenses. My favorite North Coast fishing includes winter steelhead and salmon/halibut/albacore in the ocean. Trinidad has been my port of call for many years, but last year I launched my Arima Seachaser frequently out of Fields Landing. I post on the HASA forum as “Humboldtfisher” and I look forward to serving on the HASA board.

Michael Davies-Hughes – Director

Michael was born and raised on the northwest coast of Wales where he fished from the rocky bluffs of the Irish Sea. He moved to California in 1989 to attend Long Beach State University. The next 18 years found him slowly migrating north, finally landing in the Freshwater area in 2001. Michael is currently the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at Eureka City Schools. He and his wife, Tami, have three children. His eldest daughter, Seren, is an avid tuna chaser and was featured in a 2007 article in Pacific Sportfishing Magazine for her tuna-chasing exploits at age six. Michael (AKA “Welshman”) is serving on the HASA Board because of his interest in securing a bright fishing future for the next generation.

Eric Stockwell – former director

Some know me as Abking, and others will recognize my other name: Loleta Eric. I’ve always been a water person and ocean lover . I’m entering my 17th year of paddling the ocean, fishing and diving from my kayaks along the Humboldt County coastline. I’ve owned seven sit-on-top kayaks that I bought from 5 different local dealers, and I still have 6 of them. I’ve caught tons of rockfish and lingcod, several dozen salmon, quite a few big adult steelhead on the Mad and Eel, a 9’ thresher shark and a 43” Pac Halibut – both on barbless 20 pound leaders, and I’ve cultivated a passion for doing all of this from the kayaks. . I’m an outdoor guide specializing in kayak fishing. I want to take people on an adventure, and I plan to tell the story, show the pictures and hopefully publish a video showing the best of times. . I’m also working closely with Eel River Recovery Project and am on the Board there, and I’d love to share some of what we’re working on that relates to salt water angling in Humboldt , notably, Eel River salmon runs.

Tom Marking – director

Tom is a past director of HASA and has worked in fishery management since before HASA was born. Tom is a long time member of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council’s Groundfish Advisory Panel. Tom is also a reliable contributor to the HASA Newsletter. He fishes with his wife and past HASA membership chair, Mary.

Casey Allen – public information officer, 2012 president

I have always had a love for the outdoors. I was blessed when my family moved from the urban sprawl of SoCal to the forest, rivers, and sea of Humboldt. I was literally transformed from rags to riches. Those outdoor opportunities were so important in shaping my life that I am compelled to work to protect access to our outdoor resources for future generations. That also means protecting our outdoor resources – with research, education, and outreach. From trying to catch the fish, to working to keep fishing, it’s all an enjoyable challenge.

I am retired after 37 years with AT&T and fish with my wife, Marlene.