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Good News: We have extended the date for submitting entries through THIS WEEKEND (closing Oct 4 11:59pm)…Post (to HASA Facebook page) or email me here with your pictures (2 pictures: one of you and fish, one of fish and measure) ... ...

Hope the fish are biting,and everyone is staying safe during this summer. Our team has been working hard to get the summer newsletter out and ready for everyone. Big Thanks to Joe Polos for all his hard work! In this ...

  April 9, 2020 Good morning/afternoon/evening…  We hope this finds each of our members well amid this growing crisis. We urge each household to take the advisements of the CDC, county, state and federal governments seriously ...

Just a quick update on what has been going on in the PFMC process for finalizing the 2021 salmon season. I wanted to get this out today even though the PFMC hasn’t made its final decision but may not be able to send out emails over the next few days when the process will be completed. At the time I write this there are still negotiations for the North of Cape Falcon fisheries so this is not the final season for all areas, but it is very unlikely our season will change. I haven't sent any updates along the way because not much has happened until Tuesday afternoon (April 13). The issue of dividing Klamath fall Chinook impacts between California and Oregon became pretty contentious and there was not much movement until Tuesday. This was primarily a battle between the CA and OR commercial fisheries and the CA recreational folks were pretty much on the sidelines. Once the seasons for the CA and OR commercial fisheries were agreed to there were slight adjustments to the CA recreational fisheries. We greatly benefited from the support of the CA commercial fishery representatives as well as the support from the CA recreational representatives to the south. I will include a more detailed description of what happened with the season setting process in the Spring HASA newsletter. For the KMZ, we kept the same number of days as Alternative 1 which was presented at the public meeting on March 23, but the start date was moved back a day to June 29 and August 1 was added so we have the whole last weekend of the season. The Fort Bragg season was shortened by a day. Their start date was also moved back to June 29 to be the same as the KMZ due to some law enforcement concerns of having different start dates for these two areas. Two days were added to the SF management area so they will start on June 26. The salmon technical team document with all salmon fisheries for 2021 can be found at: NEWSLETTEROne again here is my quarterly request for articles, fishing tips, recipes and pictures for the newsletter. We have had some great contributions in the past and would like to continue that. Please think about contributing an article or fishing tip or favorite recipe. If you know somebody that would like to contribute an article please get them in contact with me. I can be reached at The deadline for submission of materials for the 2021 Spring newsletter is May 12. Please contact me if you have any questions. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Joe ... See MoreSee Less
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Some big yellowfin hitting the deck down south.BIG ONE! ... The Royal Polaris Sportfishing out of Fisherman's Landing with some very big fish hitting the deck on their 18-day trip ... Almost 400 pounds!Royal Polaris Crew: “Rick’s 398 pound Yellowfin tuna. Second Yellowfin over 300 pounds this trip.”San Diego, California Angler Chronicles Port of San Diego ... See MoreSee Less
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Hello! We have reached our 5,000 signature goal on the petition. Equally of value is sending in individual “position letters” to the State of California Assembly - Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. They have a hearing on April 8th and all position letters need to be uploaded by 3/31/21.We need as many as possible. The process to upload your letter is a bit time consuming, but worth the time for our cause.1. You first need to setup an account at: Once you are registered, you can upload your letter into the “Position Letter Portal” for your help. ... See MoreSee Less
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