Latest News On Ocean Fishing Off the Humboldt Area Coast

From the Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers

We’re finally coming out of the most extreme COVID restrictions, but with too little time now to properly plan an indoor full-size fund raiser dinner and auction. We are planning a smaller, lower-key event for Saturday, April 9. ...

Good News: We have extended the date for submitting entries through THIS WEEKEND (closing Oct 4 11:59pm)…Post (to HASA Facebook page) or email me here with your pictures (2 pictures: one of you and fish, one of fish and measure) ... ...

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Thoughts on this proposal by Nor Cal GuidesCDFW is soliciting public input on a proposed regulation change that would restrict the harvest of striped bass to a “slot limit” between 20 and 30 inches for inland anadromous waters. Under the proposal, which was submitted to the Fish and Game Commission by the Nor-Cal Guides and Sportsmen’s Association, all striped bass caught below 20 inches in length and above 30 inches in length would have to be released. The stated goal is to protect the species by increasing the minimum length to allow more fish to mature and successfully spawn prior to harvest and to protect the larger fish that tend to be the most prolific spawners and are becoming increasingly rare in the fishery.Read more in the news release linked ... See MoreSee Less
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