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  April 9, 2020 Good morning/afternoon/evening…  We hope this finds each of our members well amid this growing crisis. We urge each household to take the advisements of the CDC, county, state and federal governments seriously and ...

Fellow HASA supporters and fishing enthusiasts, we had a board meeting yesterday and made the difficult decision to CANCEL our 2020 fundraiser scheduled at the Arcata Community Center on 4/25/20. We would like to thank all the persons ...

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Shark attack at the CoveShark Vs Kayaker in Shelter Cove

Earlier this Monday Morning, there was a report of a shark attack in Shelter Cove. According to the Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire Department, a shark was trying to get a fresh-caught fish that the kayaker had recently caught. The kayaker fought back, punched the shark, and scared it off.

However the shark managed to put a hole in the kayak and it began to take on water. While the Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire's Water Rescue Team was en route, a local fisherman rescued the un-injured kayaker who was in the water for approx 30 mins.

The 40-year-old kayaker from Eureka said the shark was 16-18 feet long and that the incident occurred near the buoy in the Cove. He told officials that he learned an important lesson... always tell someone you're heading out to go kayaking/hiking ect....because his partner was sleeping and had no idea he had even left or that he might be in danger

When asked if there will be warnings issued in the cove, Cheryl Antony with the department stated, " No, because there are always sharks. They live here."

Full story on Tuesday Night's (5/26) newscast at 6pm.
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Local boat looking for a deck hand.I am currently out of Eureka California and in search of an experienced deck hand for salmon and Albacore on a 46' Wooden Vessel the Belle J 2. I am an experienced commercial crab captain with zero salmon experience. I have CA salmon permit and CA 300 pot permit along with all the gear, funds and a sweet boat to make it happen this summer! I also need a hand with Black Cod, Charters, and crabbing on my 32' fiberglass vessel. This will run into crab season with 300 traps. Do not have any serious drug or alcohol problems, you must have a drivers license and a reliable vehicle. Also be honest and have fucking thick skin. This job is demanding, I run a tight ship and expect the same from my hand. For this summer it will be a one man crew and in the winter for crab 2-3. If you have the idea of skimming the cream off the top and then skipping off don't waste my time. I'm all in on this and need a crew that feels the same. Message me for details ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Samantha Lee

SUNDAY,May 24, APPROX 1230

Dear Alumaweld (Stryker model; Yamaha 115 engine) boat driver trolling in the northern end of the bay by the oyster beds: you sir are one RUDE jerk. You don’t go blasting back to your drift starting point doing 20 knots waking the CRAP out of your fellow fishermen as you go by. Your last BLAST-by tossed our tackle box and almost sent one of us overboard.
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Sad day for the fishermen on the wharfDevastating fire early this morning at Pier 45 Fishermen’s Wharf in San Francisco. Most of the local fishermen, including CCCA members, have suffered a total loss of their crab gear and fishing equipment, because the main gear storage building for the port was consumed by flames.

It’s worth noting that, CDFW closed the crab season on May 15 based on a fake whale crisis created by the profit-driven NGO’s who now seem to control our state’s fisheries management, namely the Center for Biological Diversity, Oceana and Earth Justice. If the season hadn’t been prematurely and unfairly closed , then much of this crab gear would have still been fishing in the ocean waters outside of the Golden Gate, and not been lost in this fire.

Our hearts are heavy for our brothers in SF today. Please keep our fishing fleet and our coastal communities in your prayers today.
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