The Biggest Fish Contest(s)

Biggest Pacific Halibut Sponsored By

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Get your Fishing Poles and cameras ready! Fishing Season is open and HASA wants to share in your experience.

The Biggest Ling Cod Contest and Biggest Pacific Halibut Fishing contest will begin on May 15, 2020 and end June 15, 2020. Winners will be announced the following day with verifiable entry. Entries into each contest is $10 and can be purchased here.

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Big Fish Contests Scheduled throughout the Summer: Ling Cod, Black Snapper, Salmon, Pacific Halibut, California Halibut, Albacore, and Exotic Fish.

Contestants Must submit 2 pictures, one of your fish being measured with a closed mouth from the tip of its nose to middle of tail down the lateral line of the fish. The second being a picture of you with the fish. Submit entry by posting pictures to HASA Facebook page or email to to be entered. Please include name & where you are from, type of fish with length and weight if possible, and location caught (not limited to Humboldt County but still limited to California).

example: Jenn from Eureka, ling cod, 30″ 5 lbs, caught just outside of Humboldt Bay.

Contestants must comply with California Department of Fish & Wildlife regulations. HASA encourages all participants to follow State and federal social distancing recommendations. HASA trusts that each fisherman is maintaining safe fishing practices, and adhering to state and federal guidelines pertaining to each species of fish within the respective contests. Entries are not considered “placed or entered” until pictures are uploaded onto the HASA facebook page, or emailed to, thus HASA is not responsible for injury, harm, or loss or persons or property while fishermen are out fishing.

First Place Winners of the Biggest Ling Cod and Biggest Pacific Halibut will each receive a $150 prepaid CCCU mastercard. Additionally a randomly drawn contestant from each contest will receive $50 prepaid CCCU mastercard.  These names will be announced on our Website, Facebook Page and HTC on June 17, 2020.

The grand prize for the Biggest Fish over all the contests is an “Accurate Boss Fury FX2-400 / Accurate BV-70M – engraved HASA 2020” to be awarded at the close of the Fishing Seasons in September 2020.