HASA Response to COVID-19

Cliff HartAlerts


April 9, 2020

Good morning/afternoon/evening…

 We hope this finds each of our members well amid this growing crisis. We urge each household to take the advisements of the CDC, county, state and federal governments seriously and maintain safe social distancing and hygiene practices, and as well as the shelter in place orders.

We at HASA continue to represent our fisheries interest at the various meetings as we have been doing over the years. No doubt the mode of meeting and locations may change to adapt to the new environment of travel restrictions and precautions. Rest assured we here at HASA are staying abreast of the situations with CDFW, PFMC, and (other state agencies we work with,) and will continue to pass along the latest information as to season regulations as information becomes available.

Sadly, the growing threat of COVID-19, and precautionary measures taken to slow the virus spread has caused HASA to cancel the annual fundraiser dinner scheduled for later this month. Thankfully we already have the date and space reserved for March 20, 2021.  We look forward to gathering together with you to celebrate the resiliency of our organization and our fishing through this crisis.

Understanding how important our fishing community is and how important it is to stay connected with each other, we welcome each of you to post your favorite fish stories, fishing jokes, recipes, and pictures on our Facebook page, or email them to us at hasa6191@gmail.com so we can share them with each other. We are looking at planning an end of summer potluck and yard sale get together on Woodley Island, in the spirit of our founding members getting together, hoping of course that things will have calmed down by then, and social gatherings are again permitted.

 As we are a non-profit organization, it is also important to continue fundraising. Thankfully, we do have a reserve to be able to use as a buffer, but we do not wish to deplete that completely. Thus, in place of the dinner annual fundraiser this year, we are launching a “Biggest Fish” Contest, once fishing seasons open, where participants can send in photos of your fish for prizes. We are also going to be hosting a few online auctions. Look for details pertaining to both on our website (web address) and Facebook and HTC page, as they come available.

Again, we encourage our members to stay vigilant and safe during this time. Reach out and communicate via email, Facebook, and HTC.

The HASA Board

and Executive Director