Attention Humboldt Crabbers! By Douglas Laughlin, Coastside Fishing Club

Cliff HartAlerts

Hello fellow Crabbers

As we approach the new season, I’d like to give you some thoughts to think about.

First and foremost, have a safe and rewarding 2019-2020 season.

Secondly, realize we are in a very precarious situation.  We absolutely have to be mindful of any interactions with marine mammals.  Our very seasons are at risk of emergency closure and possible regulation changes in the future.

As the recreational representative on the DCTF’s Whale Entanglement Working Group, I have insight into what our future will be, and what it has been, since the CBD lawsuit.

Commercial crabbers are now facing tough sanctions that will close areas or force in season regulations to limit gear if any whales or turtles are entangled, even in our gear.  No one wants to negatively effect the commercial crab fishery.

We must be proactive in our methods and gear to prevent any entanglements.

Please review the attached tutorial on crab gear rigging and fishing, for information that will help in proper gear make-up, setting, and fishing.

Also attached is the Best Practices Guide (BPG), which we should all know by heart, while fishing.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to learn/review these important habits.

Doug Laughlin