President’s Message Winter 2017

Scott McBainPresident's Message

HASA president Scott McBain hoists a Pacific Halibut

Happy New Year to all of you, we hope it is starting off well. There is a lot to look forward to for the 2017 saltwater fishing season, which is described in more detail on the following pages. The discouraging news is that salmon season is likely going to be substantially impacted this year, and perhaps the next few years. However, there was unexpected good news from the International Pacific Halibut Commission meeting, where we received an increase in Pacific halibut allocation for 2017 (34,580 lbs this year compared to 29,640 lbs in 2016). In addition, for 2017 and 2018, we will have new rockfishing regulations, including an extended season through December 31, ability to fish in 30 fathoms through October 31, and all depths through December 31. Petrale sole and sand dabs can also be fished year-round. As mentioned in prior newsletters, we need to continue minimizing impacts to yelloweye rockfish and black rockfish, so please continue using fish descending devices. If you do not have one, HASA will again provide them for free at the upcoming annual fundraising dinner.

HASA held its General Membership meeting in February, and we appreciate all those that attended and participated. We have two new board members to welcome aboard (Ross Taylor and Tom Marking), and are excited to have them aboard. We also have two new T-shirt designs, both prepared by Angela Percival. You can purchase these T-shirts at our new website (, or at our annual fundraising dinner, or by renewing your membership prior to the annual fundraising dinner (free with purchased membership).

The ling cod comes on the back of a navy blue shirt. The blue and yellow HASA logo on the front.

The octopus comes on the back of a black shirt with the HASA logo on the front.

Speaking of annual fundraising dinner, the 2017 event will be held at the Arcata Community Center. We received a lot of favorable feedback on the venue, so we will likely continue to hold our events there into the future. If you want tickets, see page 17 for purchase locations, contact a board member, or e-mail us at

As usual, Casey and contributors have put together some very interesting articles in the following pages, which you should enjoy. If you would like to contribute an article to future newsletters, or have suggestions on a topic you think would be interesting to HASA members, please share with Casey (