Tim KlassenMarine Protected Areas

From the HASA 2010 Spring Newsletter

The Marine Life Protection Act, a law enacted to place a series of “Marine Reserves” along the
California Coast continues to roll through the North Coast. If you are a member of HASA then
you probably know something about this law and how it may affect your access to local marine
resources like rockfish and abalone. Unfortunately, many people are unaware or are just
finding out what this really means. The residents of Petrolia and the Mattole Valley recently
discovered that their traditional use areas have been targeted for closures. They are now just
starting to get involved.

Since HASA was formed, it has been involved in the MLPA. In fact, HASA has four members on
the Regional Stakeholders Group (RSG) and one member on the Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF).
The RSG members are Ben Doane, Kevin McGrath, Zack Larson and Tim Klassen. The BRTF
member is Jimmy Smith. These are the people representing you within the process.

There are a lot of opportunities for everyone to get involved. Public comment at meetings,
writing letters of concern to the MLPA Initiative and telling your elected officials how you feel
about losing access to your traditional spots.

To learn more about the MLPA or submit comments go to .

If you have concerns or comments for the regional stakeholders you can pm Ben, Kevin or Tim
through the Humboldt Tuna Club website at or email Tim Klassen at .

The following is a list of upcoming MLPA meetings.

Regional Stakeholder Group

April 20th and 21st in Fort Bragg

May 19th and 20th in Crescent City

Blue Ribbon Task Force

May 3rd and 4th in Crescent City

July 21st and 22nd in Fort Bragg

October 26th – 28th in Eureka

Science Advisory Team

May 12th – webinar

June 29th- 30th in Eureka

July 28th – webinar

The external proposals from local community groups have been submitted and evaluated by
the Science Advisory Team. The April RSG meetings will begin locating the reserves. From that
time until the end of the process this December is when your help and participation will be
most important. We will try to get the word out when help is needed.

Many, if not most of these closures will not allow any fishing, crabbing, abalone diving or any
take of any kind. We will only get one shot at this so everyone’s participation will be crucial.